Taking Care of Your Tyres

Because exposure and heat can make tyres age faster, you can prolong their life by minimizing the effects. Below, you will find tips on storing tyres between uses.

Don’t store a car with weight on the tyres for a long time. Long-term storage is more detrimental to your tyres than weekly usage, which flexes the rubber and disperses oil evenly throughout the tyre’s surface.

Keep your tyres out of the sun as much as possible. UV rays and heat can destroy rubber; a tyre sitting in the sun can measure up to 135° at the surface.

Before you store your tyres, use a brush to clean them with soapy water. Doing so removes grime, dirt and brake dust. If your tyres are still mounted, you can use the brush and a good wheel cleaner. Don’t apply tyre dressings, as the tyres’ compounds are made to resist cracking and weather checking.

Put each dry, clean tyre in an airtight bag for storage. Remove as much moisture as possible from the bag, and shut it tightly. Sealing the tyres in this way helps to reduce dry rot and oil evaporation.

If you don’t store your white-letter tyres in plastic bags, you should stack them letter-to-letter to prevent staining. The rubber used on the lettered side of the tyres is made differently than that on the opposite side. Stacking tyres whitewalls-up will let the oils from each tyre discolor the white lettering on the tyre beneath it.

Store your tyres in a dry, cool location. It’s better to store your tyres in climate controlled workshop or dry basement than in a conventional garage, outdoors, an attic or a storage shed. While a shop or a basement usually stays dry and cool, conditions found in storage sheds, attics and outdoors include a range of temperatures and humidity.

Keep your tyres away from ozone sources. Electric motors using contact brushes create and emit ozone, which can damage the rubber in your tyres. Store your tyres away from your sump pump, furnace, and the like.

Your car tyres are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, and while they are durable they still require regular upkeep. Tyres will age regardless of which precautions you take, but the tips above will greatly slow the process when compared with doing nothing at all. After all, considering the way new tyre prices are going, it’s a lot cheaper to maintain the set you already have.