The Advantages of Buying Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are typically more expensive than the steel variety, but their benefits justify the increase in price. While “steelies” are good for everyday, paved-road use, some drivers want a lighter alternative. Alloys are any wheels made from a mixture of aluminium and other metals, and they are very lightweight and strong. These wheels are favored for their good looks, and they can increase the resale value of a vehicle. Read on to learn more about alloy wheels and what they can do for your car or 4WD.

The Basics of Alloy Wheels

A set of alloys is a definite upgrade from the steel wheels most cars are factory-equipped with. Steelies are popular among 4WD drivers because of their price and durability, but they can be clunky and heavy. Alloys, however, look and perform better, but drivers should reconsider buying mag (magnesium) alloys because they tend to crack under everyday usage. Many higher-end vehicles come from the factory with alloys, and there are aftermarket options for almost any make or model.

Alloy Wheel Advantages

Alloys may have roots in racing, but more drivers are choosing them for everyday usage. Many buy alloys (custom wheels) because of their aesthetic appeal, but there are other benefits to consider. Adding alloys increases the value of a car, and a tyre package can increase brake clearance on some models. Because alloys are lighter than traditional steel wheels, some drivers may see increases in performance, fuel mileage and handling.

Good Looks

Alloy wheel and tyre packages offer an improved appearance when compared with steelies and hubcaps, and many choose alloys based solely on looks. These wheels are available in all standard sizes, and there are choices from numerous brands. Alloys are sold in polished, painted and chrome finishes, and some vendors even allow buyers to custom create a set of wheels at considerable expense. There are many places you can find cheap wheels across Australia, but not many of them are reliable and deliver your wheels in a good condition. So make sure you do your pre-purchase research before buying your new wheels online.

Light Weight

Aluminium is the component that makes alloys light in weight. Wheels are part of the unsprung weight of a vehicle, which means that their weight isn’t supported by the suspension. The more unsprung weight a vehicle has, the more vulnerable it is to shocks and impacts from bumpy roads. Alloys lower the unsprung weight, which results in improved handling and steering capabilities. Lighter wheels quicken acceleration, which can result in slight fuel mileage increases.

The additional benefits of alloy wheels makes the higher cost worthwhile. These wheels are strong, durable, lightweight and more appealing than steel wheels. By choosing the right set of alloys, you can improve your car’s fuel economy and overall performance—and you’ll get more for the vehicle if you ever decide to sell.